December 16, 2013

Miracle week.

We've made it so very far and I can't believe we are here. I'm not sure which event could top the other more -- my baby brother coming home today from Afghanistan, or that I'm having a baby this week.

Since my baby boy meets the world on Thursday, I will say that for today my brother coming home will come first. For all the faces that have cried and loved him from over the past 11 months, that he has come home safe and sound cannot be beaten.

And, last week I met my new beautiful niece Hailey. My family is abundantly growing and it couldn't be more beautiful to see and be a part of. I'm feeling so incredibly blessed and loved. Christmas really is an amazing time of year.

For all of my family and best friends that have endured so much heartache this year, God really does give back what he takes in one way or another.

But, try getting two words out of me without the tears these days. The lump in my throat is a powerball of happiness and there isn't much time to breathe through the whipping whirlwind. I guess that's good because I get little time to think about being scared shitless.

December 6, 2013

Always bumpin'.

I'm really worried about having to remove the subwoofer from the trunk of my car in order to fit strollers, pack 'n plays and diaper bags.

Ever since I read that the baby could hear my voice, my singing, or any music that I play, I've been making sure he can sing along to every Carrie, Jason, Luke, James Morrison, Nelly and old school rap song (I've toned down Three 6 Mafia & Twista) on my iPod.

Honestly, I would rather slap a hitch on the back of my G6 and pull a little storage caddy than get rid of my bumps.

So, what are we doing before the baby arrives in 2 weeks?

Of course - shopping for a more family-friendly SUV with a superb sound system, chrome wheels and sunroof. I love my husband.

Here's a pic of the little man that we can't wait to meet: