October 17, 2014

I know we should say yes tonight.

I hate hearing about how women are needy and more complicated than men. How, women are so complex and men so simple that they only need food and sex to feel loved and be happy. And, I swear for Jesus that those lists suggesting 5 ways for me to please my man...definitely leave me less than inspired.

I freaking need food and sex too, dang it! Just make me feel sexy and let me get some rest, then it will be so much easier for everyone to get happy. Word?

I  am thinking about this as I stand over the kitchen sink to scrub 20ish bottle pieces and tackle the dinner dishes.

Women need to feel wanted, sexy and appreciated before we feel like giving it to you. I am done with the "your duty is to make your man happy and keep him happy" or "you have two jobs -- tend to your kids and have sex with your husband."

And then, I am still thinking about this when I run to change the laundry loads, after I stop to add another item to the grocery list that has been accumulating on the counter for 2 weeks.

Seriously, who doesn't love sexy time? Why is it always blamed on the women when the sex life sucks? Maybe guys should try a little harder to tackle the little tasks - in a timely manner - and help get things going again.

Shit, I better puree more food for my hungry kid and pack dinner leftovers for our lunches (that my husband never takes with him.)

If I hurry to get my things ready for my 6 am "real" job...maybe we can have a little fun together and I can surprise him.

"Honey, it's 9:27, you have 3 minutes!"

Yeah, he doesn't take me seriously when I say that, or when I give any other hints for that matter. I don't think he likes my sweatpants, sweaty sports bra or pureed berry blush. What a relief though, I'm too tired for extra work, no matter how much better I might sleep.

There's always Sunday.

Good thing we laugh about that too.

Also, we went on our first family vacation last week. It was perfect and I thought that I should share a few pictures with you:

I sat on this turtle when I was drunk last year, right before I found out I was pregnant.

The. Best. He loved seeing dolphins.
Party Time.

I lost my flip-flop right after this.
We did get to have an AMAZING date night.

What is this stuff?