I'm on this journey to unearth my potential and work on my dreams. I'm a little wordy but mixed with incomplete fragments and quick thoughts that easily interrupt. I might try too hard to explain myself but I'll get there.
I believe in expression, in sharing and love, and I have never been one to hold things in. I feel everyone's pain more than their happiness, and both of those things make me cry. It is in me to go to any lengths to make sure that the people I care about know just how much I love them.
I'm a little bit country with a wee bit of swagger and I've got a whole lot to share. I'm half crazy, way too emotional, and extremely competitive.  My friends let me say and do things that no one should.  In this, I hope to make you laugh, reflect and adjust.
I write for my sanity, to purge, criticize and love. This is your warning, you may not always like what you read but you don't have add me to your favorites.

Also, I hate pickles and anything on my plate that might have been touched by pickles.

My other halves:

I play football. A lot. Photo credit: Brian Buemi