April 18, 2013

1,411 and Happy Birthday Jake!

Holy shiz balls, I've hit a staggering 1,415 views here.  

(I also don't really know how many of those views are adweek spider-ing out my page.)

Don't judge. I haven't been doing this for that long and while there aren't that many views, it still brings out a mixture of embarrassment and curiosity in me.

Embarrassment for the things that I write and probably shouldn't share -- and for those who may be mentioned actually hating my sharing but haven't said anything.  I warned you though, I'm a sharer, lover of shits 'n giggles and all those dark things that go unsaid. 

But, the curiosity is for who is really reading this? Am I reaching your hearts or making you smile? Should I keep trying?

Really, after I saw that my brother could read this in Afghanistan, I felt vindicated because having any way to reach him means the world, and I know he looks for my messages because he's said 'thank you.' If anything, that keeps me writing -- I'll keep on keeping on, just so that he can have another little taste of home and normal-ness from so far away.

Today is his birthday by the way. Happy freaking birthday you 27-year-old! We miss you and love you! Funny that it's also the anniversary that we met Suzie, had too much to drink and fell in love with her over the homemade birthday card she made for my brother a few years ago --and her bathroom photobooths. We all hoped she would marry Jake -- it turned out to be a fairytale for all of us.

April 12, 2013

Finding the power.

You can only recommend one book in your lifetime, what would it be? 

My friend posted this question to Facebook with the goal of generating ideas for her own book collection and it really made me think. If I borrowed a book from someone and loved it, I will go buy it. The reward of keeping something in my personal library and sharing something great with someone else, is what I love to do.  

Anyway, when she posed this question I instantly thought of The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. It's a story of a young boy and his journey to find power within himself through adversity, torment, knowledge and racism (cliche subjects but so far from a cliche read). If you haven't read it, you should. It was loaned to me a few years ago and it crosses my mind pretty often. However, what was most ironic was that shortly after this Facebook post, I read a friend's blog that referenced this novel in his journey to figure out what matters most to him. He is wiser than I, and my trivial writing equates to sugar-coated Peeps in comparison to his, (you should check it out) but we look at life similarly and just relate to the world differently, stylistically.

Or maybe he just has more courage than I to dive in and do the work it takes to understand his meaning in life.

But, what are the chances that this thought-provoking and soul-searching 1980s novel would touch me twice in one day?  Is the universe telling me something? I'm trying to find meaning, maybe this was a hint that I really need to dive deeper and that I am nowhere close to my own center.

April 8, 2013

Sunday dinner.

Most weeks we do family dinner on Sunday. I make a side dish, salad or desert to go to my in-laws for wine, gourmet meals and great conversation. The standard affair always runs 3-4 hours long -- which can be cumbersome, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Yesterday was an extra special Sunday dinner.  We had grilled catfish and scallops, salad, green beans, toasted french bread and two bottles of wine. We share the week's stories, talk controversy and they get updates on my family. 

And this week, we watched home videos.

My brother-in-law took the home movies from childhood and had them converted to CD chapters and it was probably the best gift that I think anyone could receive.

For an hour I watched my husband as a seven-year-old encouraging his little brother, taking baths, eating cake and looking absolutely adorable. I could see everything that I love about this family in those movies made so long ago. I didn't mean to get emotional, but when Grandpa (that I was never privileged to meet) picked up the boys and gave them a squeeze and a kiss, my heart melted, and that's where it stayed through the rest of the videos.

Days like this one really make me miss my family, just for this simple time together. 

P.S. My brother called from Afghanistan. It made my week.

P.P.S I was presented the opportunity to dress like a bear on Saturday night. It was awesome.